Cappellino edizione "OSMAND" serie M


di Fractel

€24,50 €35,00
Il cappellino FRACTEL™ M-Series "OSMAND" Edition combina prestazioni impareggiabili in una combinazione di colori moderna. Questo cappellino è leggero, traspirante, comprimibile, lavabile in lavatrice ed è coperto dalla nostra garanzia EYE.


  • FRACTEL Supera le tue aspettative (EYE) Garanzia
  • Protezione solare UPF +50 su visiera, pannello frontale e pannello posteriore
  • Quattro pannelli che utilizzano mesh traspirante progettato per mantenerti fresco
  • Sottobecco scuro per ridurre l'abbagliamento
  • Fascia interna per l'assorbimento del sudore SWIFTdry™
  • Tesa FLESSIBILE per maggiore comfort e 'impacchettabilità'
  • La chiusura regolabile in SPANDEX offre una vestibilità comoda
  • Logo posteriore riflettente
  • Logo ricamato sul davanti


  • Lavare in lavatrice a freddo
  • Contributore dell'1% per The Planet
  • Tessuto certificato Bluesign®
  • Design unisex -   Circonferenza iniziale di 58 cm
  • Tessuto: Corpo:   100% poliestere riciclato, esclusi i bordi.
  • 54 cm - 66 cm (taglia unica)
  • Peso: 59 grammi
  • Colore mostrato: nero e verde
  • Progettato in Australia

Customer Reviews

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Andrew F.
Mad Hat

Super comfy, looks great, works well. Very happy. If my legs aren’t having a great day, at least me head looks good.

Great for large brains!

As a senior runner with a large brain (i.e. big head) I need coverage to prevent sunburn as my hair is migrating south as I grow older. This is my first Fractel hat (recommendation came from the r/ultrarunning subreddit) and I was a little hesitant at the price. But after using it every day for a few weeks this has become my favorite lid! It is light, comfortable, easy to adjust, and looks quite durable after several cycles through the washing machine (hang it up to dry though, skip the dryer!).

I like the softer bill of the cap (not a rigid piece of plastic or cardboard like some of my other hats) as well as the use of recycled plastics (better on my head than in my ocean!).

Some people might not like the color selection but I wanted something that was bright for safety (lots of distracted drivers where I run). Fashion is a secondary choice for me compared to getting run over by a Sport "Futility" Vehicle.

My mileage is around 50-60 mpw and I will buy another one of these when/if it wears out!

Shaugn Mallri
Fantastic hats!

These hats are great for running. They are very lightweight and I love them most because they have some really great colorways!

Top customer support

There was a small problem with my cap but Matt sorted it out for me incredibly quickly. These are a quality product - I'll be buying more!

Fletcher Ormrod
Crackin’ Lid

Absolutely loving that it fits super snug on my melon but doesn’t give me a headache like others I’ve had in the past. I should’ve and will be purchasing color variations. 10/10