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Item SKU Price Qty
Legionnaire "BRIGHT LIGHTS" Edition
No Hole
LEGSTDBRI01 €42,00
Pony Tail Hole
LEGHOLBRI01 €42,00
L-Series "HORIZON" Edition Legionnaire Hat
No Hole
LEGSTDHOR01 €48,00
Pony Tail Hole
LEGHOLHOR01 €48,00
F-Series "SAHARA" Edition Cap

CAPSMSAH01 €35,00
F-Series "ONYX" Edition Cap

CAPSMONY01 €39,00
F-Series "POOLSIDE" Edition Cap

CAPSMPOO01 €35,00
F-Series "STANCE" Edition Cap

CAPSMSTA01 €35,00
M-Series "CAIRO" Edition Cap

CAPSTDCAI01 €35,00
M-Series "UNEARTHED" Edition Cap

CAPSTDUNE01 €35,00
M-Series "FOSSIL" Edition Cap

CAPMFOS01 €35,00
M-Series "BAILEY" Edition Cap

CAPSTDBAI01 €35,00
M-Series "GYPSY" Edition Cap

CAPSTDGYP01 €35,00
M-Series "KENSINGTON" Edition Cap

CAPSTDKEN01 €35,00
M-Series "BRIGHT LIGHTS" Edition Cap

CAPSTDBRI02 €35,00
Visor "KENSINGTON" Edition

VISSTDKEN01 €28,00
Visor "BRIGHT LIGHTS" Edition

VISSTDBRI01 €28,00
B-Series "TRANSCEND" Edition Bucket Hat
S/M 56.5 cm
BUCSMTRA01 €48,00
L/XL 60 cm
BUCLTRA01 €48,00
B-Series "VISTA" Edition Bucket Hat
S/M 56.5 cm
BUCSMVIS01 €45,00
L/XL 60 cm
BUCLVIS01 €45,00
B-Series "LUMEN" Edition Bucket Hat
S/M 56.5 cm
BUCSMLUM01 €45,00
L/XL 60 cm
BUCLLUM01 €45,00
F-Series "MIDNIGHT 2.0" Edition Cap

CAPSMMID02 €35,00
V-Series "DAHLIA" Edition Visor

VISSTDDAH01 €28,00
V-Series "COALS" Edition Visor

VISSTDCOA01 €28,00
M-Series "WHITE NIGHT" Edition Cap

CAPSTDWHI01 €35,00
M-Series "STORM" Edition Cap

CAPSTDSTO01 €35,00
M-Series "SERENITY" Edition Cap

CAPSTDSER01 €35,00
F-Series "RIPTIDE" Edition Cap

CAPSMRIP01 €35,00
M-Series "RANDWICK" Edition Cap

CAPSTDRAN01 €35,00
F-Series "PILLIGA" Edition Cap

CAPSMPIL01 €35,00
M-Series "OSMAND" Edition Cap

CAPSTDOSM01 €35,00
F-Series "KAKADU" Edition Cap

CAPSMKAK01 €35,00
M-Series "HAMPTONS" Edition Cap

CAPSTDHAM01 €35,00
M-Series "EMPIRE" Edition Cap

CAPSTDEMP01 €35,00
M-Series "ECLIPSE" Edition Cap

CAPSTDECL01 €35,00
M-Series "DUNE" Edition Cap

CAPSTDDUN01 €35,00
M-Series "COALS" Edition Cap

CAPSTDCOA01 €35,00
M-Series "BRIGHTSIDE" Edition Cap

CAPSTDBRI01 €35,00
"APMERE" Limited Edition

CAPSTDAPM01 €38,50
B-Series "SAHARA" Edition Bucket Hat
L/XL 60 cm
BUCLSAH01 €45,00
S/M 56.5 cm
BUCSMSAH01 €45,00
B-Series "PILLIGA" Edition Bucket Hat
L/XL 60 cm
BUCLPIL01 €45,00
S/M 56.5 cm
BUCSMPIL01 €45,00
B-Series "MARBLE 2.0" Edition Bucket Hat
L/XL 60 cm
BUCLMAR01 €45,00
S/M 56.5 cm
BUCSMMAR01 €45,00
B-Series "APMERE" Edition Bucket Hat
L/XL 60 cm
BUCLAPM01 €45,00
S/M 56.5 cm
BUCSMAPM01 €45,00
M-Series "OASIS" Edition Cap

CAPSTDOAS01 €35,00
M-Series "BLUEBIRD" Edition Cap

CAPSTDBLU01 €35,00
M-Series "OCEANSIDE" Edition Cap

CAPSTDOCE01 €35,00
"NINGALOO" Edition

CAPSTDNIN01 €35,00
"KEDUMBA" Edition

CAPSTDKED01 €35,00

CAPSTDFLU01 €35,00
M-Series "SAHARA" Edition Cap

CAPSTDSAH01 €35,00
F-Series "MOONLIGHT" Edition Cap

CAPSMMOO01 €35,00
F-Series "EVERGREEN" Edition Cap

CAPSMEVE01 €35,00
F-Series "FLUID PINK" Edition Cap

CAPSMFLU01 €35,00
F-Series "Q1" Edition Cap

CAPSMQ101 €35,00
B-Series "FLUID PINK" Edition Bucket Hat
S/M 56.5 cm
BUCSMFLU01 €45,00
L/XL 60 cm
BUCLFLU01 €45,00
B-Series "JOY" Edition Bucket Hat
S/M 56.5 cm
BUCSMJOY01 €45,00
L/XL 60 cm
BUCLJOY01 €45,00
Bucket "KAKADU" Edition
S/M 56.5 cm
BUCSMKAK01 €45,00
L/XL 60 cm
BUCLKAK01 €45,00
L-Series "JET" Edition Legionnaire Hat
No Hole
LEGSTDJET01 €42,00
Pony Tail Hole
LEGHOLJET01 €42,00
Legionnaire "COLORADO" Edition
No Hole
LEGSTDCOL01 €42,00
Pony Tail Hole
LEGHOLCOL01 €42,00
Visor "BLACK MARBLE" Edition

VISSTDBLA02 €28,00
Visor "OASIS" Edition

VISSTDOAS01 €28,00
M-Series "MIDNIGHT 2.0" Edition Cap

CAPSTDMID02 €35,00
Visor "BLUEMOON" Edition

VISSTDBLU01 €28,00
Visor "ULTRAVIOLET" Edition

VISSTDULT01 €28,00