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Our Story

In the Beginning

Founded by Matt Niutta, Fractel has begun to create a community of like-minded followers and advocates around the world who share a passion for running and adventure. Matt has always been a passionate runner, and it wasn’t until he was diagnosed with an eye condition that prevented him from driving did he realise the real benefit of being outdoors and commuting by foot. With a greater appreciation for the small things in life, running became more than just beating the clock. Finish lines are great, but it was the process, shared with your mates that became the motivation to get up and run day in day out. With plenty of time to think on the daily commute to work, it became evident that there was a need for a representation of both performance and style within the running and adventure community.

With that thought, Fractel was born.

The Name

Fractel originated from the term ‘fractal’. A fractal can be defined as an infinite pattern and is often used to describe natural features such as trees, rivers and mountains. This connection with the natural environment and potential to be infinitely occurring was the inspiration behind the name. Our logo is the simplest version of a fractal. Starting from a single origin, two branches grow. This principle of endless iterations can be applied to all aspects of life. We want to replicate this theory and show the world that with one idea, anything is possible.

Our Vision

To create the world’s best headwear using our own experience and passion, in a style that promotes adventure and uniqueness, for a community that loves to get outside and run.

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